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Match these jobs to the pictures.

Lawyer shop assistant photographer secretary teacher

computer programmer bus driver journalist nurse builder

3. Answer the question:

What qualities and qualifications do people need for their profession?

4. Read the paragraphs about people and their professions and answer the questions:

1. What are their professions?

2. What qualities and qualifications do they need?

3. Why did they choose their professions?

Melanie, 34

I love working with children and teaching them. I love Math and I want the pupils to know it well. Of course, I need teaching qualification and I graduated from the University. Also I need training courses. You know, teachers should be kind and polite, good looking and hardworking. Yes, you should have a sense of humor and good communicative skills.

Bill, 50

I work with animals, I like them very much. The salary is good and I work not far from my house. If you want to work on my profession you should have at least a college education or a higher education. Also you should love animals, you should be kind, attentive, patient and intelligent and, certainly, you should have a good knowledge on your profession.

Sam, 25

I work with people. I protect them in the family court. Everybody in my family is of that profession. We have own company.You should have a higher education and also be experienced. I should be smart and intelligent, you should be exact and should know how to explain your ideas and prove your point of view. And also you need good communicative skills and an excellent knowledge of law.