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When I was a pupil my parents, teachers, friends often asked me about my future profession. Sometimes it is very difficult to give a definite answer because there are many trades and professions. All of them are important and useful. There are al­ways boys and girls who know very early what trade they will take up. And they prepare themselves to this trade. Others are ready to take up a profession in which they can help other pe­ople. Many children prefer to follow their parents’ example and take up their professions. Аs a rule, they know these pro­fessions better. There are some young people who choose only popular professions. I think it is not right to choose your fu­ture occupation this way. We must be interested in it and must be suited for it. As for me I decided to become an agronomist. I am sure it’s one of the most useful jobs. Isn't it good to know how to cultivate land and grow crops?

Our teacher used to say, "Just remember that what you are going to be tomorrow you are becoming today". I followed her advice. I want to become a good specialist in future. I did my best to get good knowledge of all school subjects. I took optional courses in Mathematics and Physics. I read books and magazines with special information about my future profession. Last year I helped my uncle to grow yields and he taught me many useful things. I like this job. My parents improve my choice.

Write a composition about your future profession on plan:

1. Give some information about you and your family.

2. Why is it necessary to choose a profession?

3. When did you do your choice?

4. Did your parents support your choice?

5. What qualities and qualifications do you need for your future profession?

6. What are your plans for the future?

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