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Your little sister is going to make a card on St Valentine Day. Give her some advice.

I think I'll give her the following advice:

· Send a card to Mother! Say that you love her!

· Don’t forget to send a card to Father!

Have you ever tasted haggis? What dishes of British cuisine would you like to try?

No, I’ve never tasted haggis but I’ve tasted “saltison”. I think, it’s very much the same. I can’t say I like it very much. But my cat (dog) likes it greatly.

17. Let's talk about means of communication

Let's talk about mass media. What types of mass media do you know? Which of them are the most popular among teens?

OK, ..., let's talk aboutmass media.I know the followingmass media: TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet. They are all very important as they give us most information about the latest events in the world.

Of course, the Internet is the most popular among teens. But older people prefer TV and newspapers.

As for me I prefer the Internet. I enjoy browsing it or chatting with my friends in “Vkontacte”.

Do you agree that radio is the least popular mass medium? Why?

No, I don’t agree. I know people who listen to the radio a lot. Many people listen to the radio while driving a car.

Imagine you are given the task to find out how much newspapers are popular among teens nowadays. What questions would you ask your classmates?

I think I’ll ask him the following questions.

1. The first q-n: Do you often read newspapers?

2. The second q-n What newspapers do your parents read?

3. The third q-n: What is the most popular newspaper in Belarus?

Imagine that you are at the newsagent's with your friend who knows almost nothing about Belorussian newspapers and magazines but would like to buy some. Recommend him/her anything to buy.

I think I’ll give the following advice:

· You must buy “SB” – “Belarus Segodnya” as it is the most popular newspaper in Belarus.

Speak about the reasons why you like or dislike watching the news.

I like watching the news on TV but I don’t do it very often. I have no time as I’m very busy getting ready for my exams and CT.

18.19. Let's talk about healthy way of life

Let's talk about sport and a healthy way of life. What do you do to keep fit?

OK, ..., let's talk aboutsport and a healthy way of life.

Well, sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, makes them more organized and better disciplined. It unites people of different classes and nationalities.

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our republic but football, basketball and swimming enjoy the greatest popularity.

As for me, I like sport. I like tennis, swimming, basketball, football, valley-ball. But my favourite sport is football. I play it myself and I’m a great football fan. I cheer for...

(As for me, I am not crazy about sports. I am much happier sitting on the sofa with a book or in front of the computer).

Do you agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous for us? Why?

Yes, I agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous for us. Because bad habits can lead to serious diseases. If you smoke you can get ill with cancer.

What questions will you ask a professional sportsman? (Ask 3 questions.)

I think I’ll ask him the following questions.

4. The first q-n: How often do you exercise?

5. The second q-n Have you got girlfriend?

6. The third q-n: What is you salary?

What can you advise a person who wants to lose weight?

I think I'll give the following advice:

· you should do sports and please, don't eat junk food.

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