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Pone books in America

Phone books have white, blue and yellow pages. The white pages list people with phones by last time. The blue pages contain numbers of city services as public schools.

Business and professional services are listed in a special classified directory-the Yellow Pages.

The area covered by one area code may be small or large. For example, New York City has one area code, but so does the whole state of Oregon. There is an area code map of the U.S. and Canada in the front of white pages.

Pay phones have numbers in the U.S. This means you can arrange to call a friend at a phone booth. Or if you are making a long distance call and run out of money, give the number on your phone to the person you’re talking to. Then hang up the receiver and they can call you back.

If you make a long distance call and get a wrong number, call the operator and explain what happened. This means that you can make the call again to the right number without having to pay more money, or you can have the phone company mail you a credit coupon that has the same value as a phone call.

Some companies advertise a service called WATS. You can dial a special number without a long distance charge. These are called “toll-free numbers” and the area code for all of them is 8.00. WATS means Wide Area Telephone Service. The U.S. Postal Service has competitors. Courier services or transmit messages; parcels and freight are delivered by a number of companies. Check the Yellow Pages for details.


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