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Chapters 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

1. Learn the following words:

  1. to stride – шагать
  2. to yell back – крикнуть в ответ
  3. to kick out – выкинуть, вышвырнуть
  4. cocky – самоуверенный, нахальный
  5. to twit – поддразнивать
  6. incisive – острый, язвительный
  7. snow job – сказочная возможность
  8. to eliminate – устранять, исключать
  9. lucrative – прибыльный, выгодный
  10. inestimable advantage – неоценимое преимущество
  11. to be crest-fallen – удрученный, мрачный
  12. to brag – хвастаться
  13. to broach the subject – начать обсуждение вопроса
  14. obsession – навязчивая идея
  15. to divest – лишать
  16. trite – избитый, банальный
  17. grim joke – жестокая шутка
  18. compassion – сочувствие
  19. obscene – грубый, непристойный, отвратительный
  20. to bellow – орать, рычать, вопить
  21. ineffably – невыразимо, неописуемо

2. Translate and dwell on the sentences:

1. “I owe you a helluva lot,” I said sincerely. – “Not true, you bastard, not true,” she answered. “You owe me everything,” she said.2. I felt like a bonus baby-and I loved every minute of it.3. And I told this God, whoever and wherever He might be, that I would gladly settle for the status quo.4. Now I looked into her eyes. They were ineffably sad. But sad in a way only I understood. They were saying she was sorry. That is, sorry for me.5. I felt strangely guilty at not having been the one to break it to her. She sensed this, and made a calculatedly stupid remark.

3. Paraphrase the italicized words using the vocabulary list:

1. He likes to boast of having the best car in the town.

2. He is deprived of love and care of his dearest and nearest.

3. Stop using all the hackneyed phrases concerning love. Imagine something of your own!

4. After removing all your problems come to our place. We’ll be glad to see you.

5. She can’t help using caustic tone while speaking to her ex-lover.

6. This cheeky boy will have much trouble in life if he doesn’t change his behaviour.

7. This deal is a very profitable one, you are lucky to have got the client.

8. I have never understood people who come to the party in a gloomy mood. What for?

4. Translate the sentences into English using active vocabulary:

1. Джон мог бы вышвырнуть его из своего дома в два счета, но ему было неудобно перед гостями.

2. Она крикнула в ответ, что тоже любит меня, и я задохнулся от счастья.

3. Чем быстрее мы начнем обсуждение этого нелегкого вопроса, тем скорее определимся с тактикой переговоров.

4. Она обладала, как ей казалось, неоценимым преимуществом перед другими претендентами – она была молода.

5. Его отговорки были так банальны, что навевали на всех тоску.

6. Он произнес последнюю фразу со всем сочувствием, на какое был способен.

7. Стать моделью было ее навязчивой идеей с 14 лет, и она была готова на все, чтобы добиться желаемого.

8. Работа открывала перед сказочные возможности: путешествия за границу, шикарная зарплата, знакомства с сильными мира сего.

9. Жизнь жестоко пошутила над ней, лишив ее работы и любимого в одночасье.

10. Она была неописуемо счастлива, когда он сделал ей предложение руки и сердца.

5. Put the sentences in the correct order:

1. This whole Bozo business had gotten to be a frequent daydream of mine as I strutted to work.2. He wasn’t saying anything more, so I assumed he wanted a statement of some sort from me.3. “Oliver, I have children to take care of,” she protested, even while stepping obediently on board.4. … he was disappointed at my reaction to what was obviously a very significant gesture.5. And it can divest the most glorious aspect of a happy married life of its naturalness and spontaneity.6. Stupid as it sounds, I was so in love with her that the moment we got back to Cambridge, I rushed to find out who the first two guys were.7. He nodded, very patiently, knowing full well Jenny’s age, but also understanding what agony this was for me.8. Dr. Sheppard called Jenny in again that Friday explaining that his nurse had screwed up and he needed to check a few things again.

6. Say whether the following sentences are true or false:

1. “Raymond Stratford `65,” she said, “your best friend. Your roommate before me.”2. Jenny looked kind of pale and blue when I got home, but I hoped my fantastic idea would put some color in those cheeks.3. Ray and I played squash at least four times a week, and I made a mental note, giving myself two years to become World champion.4. What was adding to my overall feeling of euphoric triumph was the fact that the weekly rate for my car was damn near as much as we had paid for our entire apartment in Cambridge!5. I mean old man Jonas came up to Boston, took us to dinner at Pier Four and sent Jenny flowers the next three days.6. Not that we were interested in California, but I’d still like to know precisely what Mr. was discussing.7. Everywhere I turned somebody seemed to be waving a flag that read: “Play for us, Barrett!”8. Christ, Jenny had told me it was “incisive, intelligent and really well written.”9. That evening we blew twenty-five bucks on a lobster supper at a fancy place in Yarmouth.10. “I wanted to be alone with you. Look what I have.” I waved the ring and chain at her.

7. Answer the following questions:

1. Speak about the letter and its role in Olli and Jenny’s lives.

2. Speak about Olli’s career.

3. Discuss Olli and Jenny’s problems with making a baby.

4. Speak about the results of the analyses and Olli’s reaction.

5. Discuss Olli’s behaviour after he learnt the truth about Jenny’s disease.

6. Speak about Olli’s thoughts about God.

7. Speak about Jenny’s attitude to her disease.

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