Chapters 11, 12, 13

1. Learn the following words:

  1. to pry – выведывать, выпытывать
  2. to refrain – воздерживаться
  3. gawky – нескладный
  4. preconceived notion – предвзятое убеждение
  5. lace-doily – сентиментальный
  6. to evoke – вызывать, пробуждать
  7. scrounge – экономия
  8. income – доход
  9. nonetheless – тем не менее, все же
  10. to haul up – тащить
  11. illustrious – громкий, знаменитый
  12. to dispel illusions – развеять иллюзии
  13. to make ends meet – сводить концы с концами
  14. drastically – сильно, решительно
  15. exhausted – измотанный
  16. feasibility – возможность, вероятность
  17. crucial – важнейший, решающий
  18. facetiously – шутливо
  19. insanity – помешательство

2. Translate and dwell on the sentences:

1. I let Phil pick up the tab, a decision which later evoked one of Jenny’s rare compliments about my intuition (“You’ll be a human being yet, Preppie”).2. “Jenny, we’re legally married!” – “Yeah, now I can be a bitch.”3. Still, I would spend Saturday afternoons with a transistor at my ear, listening to the roar of the fans, who, though geographically but a mile away, were now in another world.4. “But you Barretts are so damn proud and competitive, you’ll go through life thinking you hate each other.”5. “Stop!” She cut off my apology, then said very quietly, “Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry.”

3. Paraphrase the italicized words using the vocabulary list:

1. He is the last descendant of the painter with a great name Shishkin.

2. She was so clumsy that anybody who saw her couldn’t help laughing, but she didn’t care.

3. You’d better abstain from drinking and smoking if you really care about your life.

4. What are you doing at your work if you come home so weary?

5. When they got married their life wasn’t easy – they really lived from hand to mouth.

6. He had a jocular attitude to life and could solve any problem easily.

7. That bargain was urgent for his future career so he devoted all his time to it.

8. Stop pulling me there. You’ve almost torn my hand away.

4. Translate the sentences into English using active vocabulary:

1. Мне не нравится этот человек. Он постоянно вынюхивает что-то о сотрудниках.

2. После свадьбы ее иллюзии развеялись как дым – муж любил только себя.

3. Почему вы предвзято ко мне относитесь, ведь мы встретились всего пару дней назад?

4. Он пробуждал в ней странные чувства, ведь до этого момента ей не хотелось ни о ком заботиться. Может быть, это любовь?

5. Их доходы были невелики, однако они были счастливы, как никогда. Все просто – они просто были вместе.

6. Она решительно изложила свои доводы и теперь ждала его реакции.

7. Я никогда не думала, что ты такой сентиментальный. Как много мне еще предстоит о тебе узнать!

8. Вероятность того, что он выиграет в лотерею, была ничтожно мала, но ведь надежда умирает последней!

9. Ее любовь к нему была похожа на помешательство – она ходила за ним по пятам, изводила звонками и письмами.

10. Он спокойно относился к своему громкому имени и не мог понять ажиотажа вокруг себя.

5. Put the sentences in the correct order:

1. A colored guy approached me and inquired if I was in need of a fix. I kind of absently replied, “No, thank you, sir.”2. Miss Whitman thought Jenny was being so witty in her remarks about Barretts having to pay the rent just like other people.3. We walked up to our apartment. As we undressed, she looked at me reassuringly.4. Moreover, I was Class Marshal, and in this capacity got to lead the graduating seniors to their seats.5. I called it North Cambridge, although the address was technically in the town of Somerville and the house was, as Jenny described it, “in the state of disrepair”.6. Philip’s meaning, I believe (he had never seen a Harvard hockey game), was that however well Bobby or Billy Cleary might have skated, neither got to marry his lovely daughter.7. Nothing says he’ll still be around when you’re finally ready for the reconciliation.8. I mean, they didn’t invite us so we wouldn’t have to invite them, if you know what I mean.

6. Say whether the following sentences are true or false:

1. By prior arrangement, I was not introduced as her husband, and Jenny wore some rings: this so that none would be offended (too soon) about missing our wedding.2. Obviously, I had used my allotted parent tickets for Phil and Oliver III.3. The pair of them stood there, looking tremendously comfortable, each silently reinforcing the other’s preconceived notion that this “do-it-yourself wedding” (as Phil referred to it) was going to be (as Stratton kept predicting) “an incredible comic show.”4. It had been easy finding a piece of poetry I could read without blushing.5. “Friends,” said Mr. Blauvelt to the others, “we are here to witness the union of two lives in marriage”.6. Anyway, after all sorts of blessings, he got onto the car and we waited and waved until it drove out of sight.7. Our honeymoon was spent on a yacht and with thirty-one children.8. “She’s wounded, Oliver! Can you just sit there and let your mother bleed?”9. This monologue was taking place upon our reentry in October.10. I simply say “kind”, because I lack the vocabulary to describe what loving and being loved by Jennifer Cavilleri is like.

7. Answer the following questions:

1. Speak about the wedding ceremony.

2. Describe the first months of their married life.

3. Why was Olli afraid of Jenny’s possible pregnancy?

4. The first quarrel between Jenny and Olli. What was the reason and the result?

5. Love in a cottage. Agree or disagree with the proverb.

6. Do you agree that Jenny was very wise for her age?

7. Love is a hard labour for both. Comment on the statement.

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