Chapters 5, 6, 7

1. Learn the following words:

  1. femininity – привлекательность, женственность
  2. to take literally – понимать буквально
  3. suave romantic and unstoppable – изысканно-романтичный и неотразимый
  4. to flunk out – завалить экзамен
  5. to scrounge for place – искать место
  6. in days of yore – в былые времена
  7. amorous triumphs – любовные похождения
  8. inalienable right – неотъемлемое право
  9. unwarranted – несправедливо, незаконно
  10. to halt – остановиться
  11. blessing – благословение
  12. in the very grossest sense – в самом прямом смысле слова
  13. to clog – затруднять движение
  14. to succumb – подаваться, уступить
  15. forebears – предки
  16. to have the temerity – иметь наглость
  17. insidious smile – коварная улыбка
  18. tangential – неожиданный
  19. to be mortified – быть униженным, оскорбленным

2. Translate and dwell on the sentences:

1. And yet what truly shocked me was my own response. I was gentle. I was tender. Was this the real Oliver Barrett IV?2. She explained that it had been her mother’s; she wore it for sentimental reasons, not religious.3. I had heard her play many times, of course, but never with a group or in public. Christ, was I proud.4. What the hell was she talking about? From the way she immediately shut up, I sensed this was something she had not intended to mention.5. I wanted to reach over and touch her, but my palms were not dry (an uncommon state), and so I gave her verbal reassurance.

3. Paraphrase the italicized words using the vocabulary list:

1. Such unjust actions should be punished severely, don’t you think?

2. You’ll surely fail in your History if you don’t stop playing computer games.

3. This famous actor’s love affairs are widely known and censured by the public.

4. Something is wrong with the car. I think we’d better pull up and check it.

5. Though he is very rich, he doesn’t conceal the fact that his ancestors were poor peasants.

6. How can you have the cheek to insult me in my own house?

7. His treacherous grin told me that he was ready to use all the dishonest means to get the job.

8. I felt so humbled at the party that I wished the earth could swallow me up.

4. Translate the sentences into English using active vocabulary:

1. В былые времена я могла рассказать друзьям обо всех своих проблемах.

2. Вам не стоит понимать меня буквально, когда я в ярости кричу, что готова вас ударить.

3. Неотъемлемое право каждого человека – любить и быть любимым.

4. Он поддался на уговоры матери и решил пока не бросать колледж.

5. Только настоящий мужчина может оценить женскую привлекательность по достоинству.

6. Твои любовные похождения известны на всю округу. Может быть, пора остепениться?

7. Этот неотразимый молодой человек неизменно производил впечатление на окружающих.

8. Водитель-новичок нередко создает помехи на дороге и затрудняет движение другим автомобилям.

9. Она так долго искала место ля парковки, что просто выбилась из сил.

10. Его победа на конкурсе была настолько неожиданной, что он долго не мог поверить своему счастью.

5. Put the sentences in the correct order:

1. It seems they had been discussing Puccini or something, and my remark was considered somewhat tangential.2. “What the hell does that have to do with separate ways? We’re together now, we’re happy.”3. “It isn’t the time, dear,” said Oliver III, with a kind of fake humility that broadcasted, “Ask me, ask me.” So I had to.4. I was not taking Jenny to this concert; I was watching her in it.5. What I am fumbling to say is that I felt different about Jennifer, and didn’t know what to say or even who to ask about it.6. Our first physical encounter was the polar opposite of our first verbal one.7. But where did he sleep on those Saturday nights when Jenny and I decided to disobey parietal rules and stay together?8. It’s supposed to reveal things about the guys they’re going to marry.

6. Say whether the following sentences are true or false:

1. He may not be a genius or a great hockey player (kind of slow at the snap), but he was always a good roommate and loyal friend.2. I had heard her play many times, of course, but never with a group or in public.3. “Who said I wasn’t going to keep at it, for God’s sake? I’m gonna study with Nadia Roulanger, aren’t I?”4. I happen to consider twenty-seven minutes as the absolute limit.5. Friday, when all the lousy drivers were clogging Route II and getting in my way.6. Doubtless, Mother was sizing up Jennifer, checking out her costume (Boho this afternoon), her posture, her demeanor, her accent.7. Before I could ask, or even gauge Jenny’s true motivations for suggesting a trip to my bathroom, we were interrupted.8. My father pretended to look embarrassed, and my mother seemed to be waiting for me to fall down or something.9. She left Smith in her first year, with the full blessing of her parents, to wed Oliver Barrett II.10. If you were to tell any of a dozen girls at Tower Court, Wellesley, that Oliver Barrett IV had been dating a young lady weekly for three months and had not slept with her, they would surely have cried and gently questioned the femininity of the girl involved.

7. Answer the following questions:

1. Speak about the physical relations between Olli and Jenny. Describe Olli’s thoughts and feelings.

2. How do you think, why Olli didn’t want to share the details of his relations with Kenny with his friend Ray? How does he explain it himself?

3. Speak about the concert and their conversation about the future after it.

4. “Ollie, you’re a preppie millionaire, and I’m a social zero.” Comment on the statement.

5. Speak about Olli’s proposal to Jenny.

6. The first meeting with Olli’s parents. What did Olli and Jenny expect from it?

7. Speak about the relations between the Barretts.

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