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ZNTU, Dike Pole


ZNTU, Dike Pole


Компьютерный дизайн, верстка

Издательство Михайлова В.А. Лицензия ЛР № 065090 от 7.04.97 г.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

I.P. Volchok, S.B. Belikov, V.V. Gazha



УДК 621.7+621.9(075.8)


Reviewers: Professor, D.Sc. (Engineering) Bolshakov V.I.

Professor, D.Sc. (Engineering) Kutsova V.Z.

Professor, D.Sc. (Phisical-Mathematical) Vorobjov G.M.

Approved by the Science Council of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University. Record №8 from 10/04/2007. I.P. Volchok, S.B. Belikov, V.V. Gazha. Material Science and Technology of Structural Materials: The textbook is intented for students of a speciality 7.03050 «Translation» and also for students of other specialities studying technical disciplines in English / Under editor-ship of I.P. Volchok, Professor, D.Sc. (Engineering) – Zaporizhzhya: ZNTU; Dike Pole, 2008. - 172 p.

In the book the information about engineering materials properties is given. Metallurgical processes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals production are briefly considered. The main foundry processes, forming operation technologies, welding, cutting operations are described.

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