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VI. Ответьте на вопросы после текста

1. What are interviewer’s questions aimed at?

2. What gets in the way of finding the right person for a job?

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Starting a Business: The Romance vs. the Reality

Some people who toil discontentedly in corporate cubicles regard entrepreneurship as the cure for all workplace ills. Only when they’ve experienced running a business personally do they find that the reality is much different.

Mike Cleary, for example, left his job as a sales and marketing executive to become an entrepreneur because he was tired of office politics. But after buying a franchise and an existing business about eight years ago, Mr. Cleary sparred with difficult vendors and suppliers. “It seemed very one-sided, with many commitments and obligations on my part, and much less required of the people I was buying from,” he says.

In an effort to establish trust, he says, he extended credit to a client of the previous owner. Unfortunately, he says, the client was not forthcoming with payment, costing him tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Finding loyal employees was no picnic, either. “It was a harsh wake-up call,” he says, “to find out how many employees are not truly committed to the business they’re working for.”

The recent recession was particularly hard on the revenue and cash flow of his small business. Eventually, he found himself too deeply in debt to continue, and he returned to working for an established organization.

Today, he is content in his role as senior vice president for strategic marketing and field operations at the National Wild Turkey Federation,

Many prospective entrepreneurs fail to realize that office politics are everywhere, and that you can’t escape them when you strike out on your own. You may still have to contend with rude clients and partners.

There are other reasons you may want to steer clear of the entrepreneurial path. First, there’s the sheer difficulty of finding a market niche for your product or service, as well as the proper resources to make a new business happen. Then there are the minutiae. As the founder, you will find that anything and everything is your responsibility.

VIII. Ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста.

1. What are the advantages of starting a business?

2. What are the disadvantages of starting a business?

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