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Choose the right translation of the following words and word combinations from the text B

1) skilled person a) умный работник, b) квалифицированный человек,

с) талантливый человек, d) незаменимый работник;

2) construct a building a) проектировать мост, b) создавать проект,

с) разрабатывать план, d) возводить сооружение;

3) practical application a) практическое применение, b) особое применение,

с) практическая задача, d) конкретный случай;

4) соmmunicate the a) найти решение проблемы, b) рассказать о решении

solution проблемы, с) придумывать решение проблемы,

d) узнать о решении проблемы;

5) investigate a) изучать, b) создавать, с) проектировать, d) знать.

Make up word combinations of the verbs and words given below; add the article where necessary. Translate them into Russian.

communicate apply design evaluate define create improve

method building rule occasion

construction data oneself problem

discovery word force conditions

impression lieutenant opportunity information

Start the sentences expressing ideas from the text.

1) …who designs, builds, maintains engines, machines, etc.

2) … were based mostly on empirical information.

3) …were ancestors of mining and mechanical engineers.

4) …can be applied for solving different problems.

5) …can prepare for test.

6) … then create a better solution.

7) …which will form a basis for your future profession.

8) …in improving the environment.

Choose any problem from the list below. Create a solution, using the way of five steps (methodical way).

a) You don’t know English, but in a year you must take the exam.

b) Your classes start at 8.30 and you are always late.

c) You must prepare for the lesson and you don’t know the home task.

d) You must translate the text for the next lesson, but you don’t have a dictionary or the text itself.

e) You’ve promised to call your friend and you forgot the phone number.

Choose the necessary form of the Participle.

1) (Communicating, communicated) the solution of the problem, he was smiling.

2) Who is that man (operating, operated) the machine?

3) The (preventing, prevented) accident was discussed at the meeting.

4) We looked at the construction (creating, created) by the famous architect.

5) Everything (designing, designed) was quite marvelous.

6) (Investigating, investigated) the object, he found some defects.

7) We are gong to show the (improving, improved) version of the project.

8) You should learn all the words (including, included) those in the text.

9) The equipment (manufacturing, manufactured) by the plant is very necessary for our research.

10) The woman (helping, helped) us is a civil engineer.

Now you study at NSTU and in some years you’ll be a qualified specialist. You’ve chosen one out of eleven faculties. What do you know about your faculty?

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