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Задание 1. Прослушайте диалоги к теме «Telephoning» и воспроизведите их в парах:

Dialogue 1

A: - Good afternoon, Fowler’s, can I help you?

B: - Extension 237 please.

A: - I’m sorry, the line is busy, will you hold?

B: - Yes, I’ll hold.


A: - I’m putting you through.

C: - Marketing, Harry Webb speaking.

A: - Could I speak to George Garrison, please?

C: - I’m sorry; he is at a meeting now.

A: - Do you know when he’ll be back?

C: - He should be back around four. Can I take a message?

A: - Yes, please ask him to call David Jones on 629 3478.

C: - Ok, I’ll see he gets your message.

Dialogue 2

O: - Hello, Frank and Brothers. How can I help you?

P: - This is Peter Jackson. Can I have extension 3421?

O: - Certainly, hold on a minute, I’ll put you through…

F: - Bob Peterson’s office, Frank speaking.

P: - This is Peter Jackson calling, is Bob in?

F: - I’m afraid he’s out at the moment. Can I take message?

P: - Yes, Could you ask him to call me. I need to talk to him, it is urgent.

F: - Could you remind the number please?

P: - Yes, that’s 456 7865 and this is Peter Jackson.

F: - Thank you Mr. Jackson, I’ll make sure Bob gets it.

P: - Thanks, bye.

F: - Bye.

Задание 2. Переведите следующие фразы на английский язык:

  1. Вас к телефону.
  2. Не вешайте трубку.
  3. Вы набрали неправильный номер.
  4. Телефон занят.
  5. Повесьте трубку.
  6. Номер свободен.
  7. Простите за беспокойство.
  8. Можно мне господина Смита?
  9. Алло, это говорит Браун.
  10. Соедините меня с номером 891.
  11. Не могли бы вы мне сказать код Лондона?

Ситуационные задачи

Задание 1. Составьте высказывание по модели в соответствии с ситуациями:

Model: In this case I’ll say….

What will you say:

1. if you’ve got the wrong number?

2. if somebody has dialed your number by mistake?

3. to a person making a call wants to speak to somebody else, not to you?

4. to a person who answers your call?

5. if somebody is interested to know who you are?

Задание 2. Продолжите следующие диалоги в соответствии с ситуациями:


Hello, can I speak to Mr. Black?

– Mr. Black, you are wanted on the phone.


– Hello, my name is Steve Johnson. Could I speak to Miss Maxwell?

– Sorry, Miss Maxwell isn’t available. She won’t be back till 3 o’clock.


– Is this 890165?

– No, you’ve got the wrong number.

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