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Answer the questions. 1.What can you tell about your appearance?

1.What can you tell about your appearance?

a)Are you tall or short?

b)Are you fat or thin?

c)What is the colour of your hair?

2. When you meet a person for the first time, do you pay attention to his or her appearance and manners? What do you like or dislike?

3. What is your manner of speaking

4. When and where you born?

5. What are your parents` occupations?

6. Are your parents fond of sport?

7. Have you any brothers or sisters?

8. Where do your grandparents live?

9. What future career did you choose?

10. Who helped you to make your choice?

Translate into English.

1.Мой отец работает в офисе в инженерной компании.

2.Мои сестры живут за границей и они очень заняты.

3Моей старшей сестре девятнадцать, она ходит в Университет и хочет стать учительницей по истории.

4.Мои бабушка и дедушка –на пенсии.

5.Мы наслаждаемся тем, что на нашем столе всегда есть свежие овощи и фрукты.

Make up a dialogue using words and expressions from this topic.


Before reading the text think about the following questions:

1. Which new hobby would you like to learn? Why?

2. What makes the activity fun for you?

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