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About my family and myself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna. My full name is Anna Vladimirovna Petrova. I was born in Rostov on the fifth of November 1980.I am not yet nineteen. At the moment I am a first year student at the University . My family is average sized Russian family; I have a father, mother and a sister. I was named after my granny and I am proud of it.

Now I am going to speak about my father. His name is Vladimir Mihailovich .He is 55.He is a computer engineer by education, but he is in business now. Their firm sells modern TV sets and computers. He often goes on business trips to different cities of the country and abroad. After his trips he tells us stories about people, about different countries and their traditions .Though my father is very busy, he always finds time to sing a song with us and to listen to our problems. He likes sport.

My mother`s name is Lubov Aleksandrovna. She is five years younger than my father. She is shorter than my father. Her brown hair, small thin nose, blue eyes and open smile make her very beautiful. She is a doctor and she likes her work very much. My mum is fond of music and poetry. She also likes dancing and singing. She also does most of the cooking, washing, cleaning and tiding. It`s a wonder what her small but strong hands can do.

My sister`s name is Ksenija. She is 12 and, naturally, she is still at school. She does very well at school, so her school reports are always excellent. She is especially very good at math and English. She is like her mother: the same hair, the same eyes, the same voice, the same manners. Just like her mother , she is fond of music and likes singing and dancing very much. Just like her father she is fond of sports. My sister is of great help to my parents.

I`ve got a grandmother and grandfather. They are on pension. I love them very much. They live in the country. Every summer I visit them.

We have many relatives. Some of them live abroad. They always try to come to see us each time we celebrate some family holidays or to send us their best wishes.

.Our family is very friendly. We enjoy the honest and open relationship in the family.

Active Vocabulary:

to introduce — представлять

let me introduce myself — разрешите представиться


wrinkled face-морщинистое лицо

shuffle- шаркатъ, волочитъ ноги

firm gait-твердая походка

to forget — забывать

job — работа

proud — гордый

to be proud of smth — гордиться чем-то

to go in for sports — увлекаться спортом

occupation — занятие, род занятий, профессия

military — военный

interpreter — переводчик

to retire — быть на пенсии

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