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Exercises 1. Read and translate the sentences

1. When my brother is 17, he will finish school.

2. If he doesn’t go to the cinema, he’ll ring us up.

3. When I have my holiday in August, I’ll go to the USA.

4. If you don’t learn these words, you won’t be able to write the test.

5. Read this article on criminal law while I do the translation.

6. Please, return my English textbook if you don’t use it.

7. We’ll phone you as soon as he gives the answer.

8. Speak to him about our plans when you see him.

Exercises 2.Put the verbs in the brackets into proper tense forms:

A farmer (to have) a friend who give (to grow) very good apple trees. One day he (to give) the farmer a small apple tree and (to tell) him to plant it. The farmer (to take) the tree and (to thank) his friend. But when he (to come) home he (not to know) where to plant it. ‘’If I (to plant) it in my garden’’, the farmer (to think), ‘’my son (to eat) the apples. If I (to plant) it near the road, other people (to eat) my apples’’. So he (to take) the tree to the forest and (to plant) it there. But the tree (cannot) grow without sunlight and soon it (to die).

Exercises 3.Translate into English:

1. Если мы не будем хорошо знать ОРД, мы не сможем расследовать преступления.

2. Мой брат будет поступать в Краснодарский университет МВД РФ, после того как вернется из армии.

3. Мы узнаем много нового и интересного, когда будем изучать криминалистику.

4. Мы не сможем читать книги на английском языке, если не будем учить слова.

5. Я посмотрю сегодня этот фильм, если закончу перевод статьи.

6. Как только он закончит университет, он пойдет работать в полицию.

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