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Прочитайте и переведите текст устно. Let’s discuss sea transport


Part 2

Let’s discuss sea transport.

Coastal cargo ships are mostly used for carrying specialized cargoes such as timber, grain, cement, fish, metallic ores, and other bulky goods. As for cost, they are cheaper than road or rail. These ships operate an efficient shuttle service between ports around coastline. The ships have a very good load-carrying capacity. But the goods must be on-loaded and off-loaded before they reach their final destination. Speed of these ships is slow.

Ocean shipping is the most important type of transport for Great Britain because the United Kingdom depends on ocean cargo ships to bring raw materials and food from overseas countries. They also use these ships to carry out export from Great Britain to foreign markets.

They have a very large capacity and are cheap over long distances on a scheduled sea route but are slow.

Oil tankers carry oil and petroleum, refrigerated ships carry fruit, meat and perishable goods. They have been built for those specialized cargoes.

Local airways are used mostly for passenger carrying, but some do specialize in other cargoes, such as early flowers, fruit or mail. There are scheduled flights between most of the main cities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

As for international air transport the main British operator is British Airways. The cargoes are passengers, mail, bullions, precious stones, art treasures, animals and fragile goods.

The Baltic Exchange is concerned with the chartering of ships and aircraft and with freight space on those ships and aircraft.

There are some trends in transport now. They include the use of larger vehicles and larger ships, the development of the container service in road, rail, sea and air transport, increasing use of automated methods, the introduction of the hovercraft.


cargo груз корабля

shipping флот, перевозка грузов

shuttle пригородный

schedule расписание, график

route маршрут

perishable скоропортящийся

bullion слиток золота или серебра

precious драгоценный

fragile хрупкий, ломкий

charter зафрахтовать судно

aircraft самолет, авиация

exchange биржа

hovercraft вертолеты

2 Переведите предложения на русский язык, учитывая разное значение глагола to do.

1. Refrigerator ships don’t carry oil and petroleum.

2. What will we do for transportation to and from the airport?

3. Local airways are used mostly for passenger carrying, but some of them do specialize in other cargoes, such as early flowers, fruit, fragile goods, mail.

4. Do they transport valuable goods by ocean liners?

5. She didn’t understand how he was going to charter a plane.

6. You know as much as I do.

7. I need something sharp and that thing will do.

8. My memory isn’t very good, but I do remember the date of his departure.

3 Преобразуйте предложения из Active Voice в Passive Voice.Предложения переведите.

Образец: I invested my money.

My money was invested.

1. People use coastal cargo ships to carry specialized cargoes.

2. They must on-load and off-load the goods before their final destination.

3. Ships bring raw materials and food from overseas countries.

4. Ocean liners transported finished goods from Great Britain to foreign markets.

5. Oil tankers have carried petroleum.

6. Refrigerated shops will carry perishable goods.

7. They are transporting spring flowers from Jersey by plane now.


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