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Arrange the words in the order of appearance in the text

North America

vitamin E






Pair work. Tell your group-mates about bread making. Let him/her put questions to you and answer them.

Unit 4. Nuts and Seeds / Орехи и семена

Lesson 1

1. Read the words:






Master the active vocabulary. Cover the left column and translate the Russian words back into English.

Nut орех

seeds семечко, семя

shell оболочка, корка

potassium калий

excess чрезмерность, неумеренность

Word formation.

Analyze the meaning of the suffixes: -ly, -less, -able.

Find words formed with these suffixes in the text and translate them.

Give your own examples.

Nuts are seeds that are covered with a hard shell. Most are the seeds of trees, but the seeds of a few other plants that are not strictly nuts will also be considered here as they can be conveniently classified with nuts for culinary purposes. Nuts can be used in many ways. Whole, flaked and ground nuts and nut butters are widely available. A classic vegetarian savoury is nut roast and many vegetarian cook books give a recipe for one, which can be endlessly varied with different herbs and flavourings and different combinations of nuts and cereals. Nuts can be added to sweet dishes, cakes and biscuits, and nut butters can be added to soups and stews to thicken them.

Nuts in general are very nutritious, providing protein and many essential vitamins, such as A and E, minerals, such as phosphorous and potassium, and fibre. Nuts are also high in carbohydrate and oils, so shouldn't be eaten in excess.

Whereas pulses all belong to the legume group of plants, nuts come from a variety of different plant groups, so the nutritional content is more varied too. A brief description of individual varieties is given below, together with the main nutrients they contain.

Nuts should be stored in cool, dry conditions in airtight containers away from the light. Because of their high fat content, many of them benefit from storage in the fridge or freezer to deter rancidity.

Put down the nouns. Translate the words. Find a word different from others.

Model: to drink– drinker; пить – пьющий

To store - _____________; ________ - _____________

To freeze - ____________; ______________ - ____________

To use - ______________; _______________ - ___________

To contain - ___________; _______________ - ___________

Combine the given adjectives (A) with the proper nouns (B).

sweet essential individual dry main dishes vitamins varieties conditions nutrients  

6. Put down the English for:

бобовые растения __________________________________

травы ___________________________________________

орехи и семена _____________________________________

Pair work. Speak about nuts and seeds.

Lesson 2

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