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1. To, что Клайд отказался помочь матери в трудную минуту, было следствием влияния друзей из отеля. 2. То, что Клайд рассказывал Роберте о Сондре Финчли и о своих новых друзьях, не соответствовало действительности. 3. Роберта чувствовала, что Клайд говорил ей неправду и страдала от этого. 4. Роберта еще не знала, что ей делать, но она решила так или иначе заставить Клайда жениться на ней. 5. Попав в дом родителей Роберты, Клайд невольно сравнил его с тем, что он видел в доме Сондры, и понял, что он никогда не женится на Роберте.

Insert connective words introducing nominal clauses.

1. He made it clear once more ... the missing books were to be got and brought to him.

2. Old people will say ... things now are not ... they used to be when they were young.

3. I knew ... you meant though you did not mention the name.

4. ... it was the following Sunday when I saw the gentleman again, or ... there was any greater period of time before he reappeared, I cannot recall.

5. His eyes looked ... at any moment they might blaze up with anger.

6. Her constant fear was ... her child should get ill.

7. See to it ... everything is done correctly.

8. Some people think ... they are always right in . . they are doing.

9. "Look at ... is breaking into society now, will you?" Gilbert remarked sharply and sarcastically.

10. He could see nothing outside except ... the small electric lamp opposite was not lighted.

11. I can't understand ... you should be so nervous.

12. And thunder was, most likely, ... would happen next.

13. We are not sure ... they will arrive in time.

14. I was surprised to see them, I did not know ... they had arrived.

15. The young girls with warmth in their eyes, remarked on ... handsome

the young man was.

16. Her face went so white that it seemed ... the blood must have stopped flowing in her veins.

17. "I'm a determined character," said Mr. Creakle, "that's ... I am. I do my duty. That's ... I do."

18. Tell me ... is the next turn to lift the weight?

19. I must admit you say is quite a revelation to me.

20. He told me ... and ... I could see him.

Complete the following, using subject, object or predicative clauses.

1. What ... surprised everybody.

2. This is what" ... .

3. He meant what ... .

4 . The thing is that ... .

5. How ... is what puzzles me.

6. I wonder why ... .

7. We realized that ... .

8. Where ... is unknown.

9. The question is how ... .

10. That ... is a fact.

11. He never knows when ... .

12. The order was that ... .

13. I doubt if ... .

14. That is why ... .

15. It depends on whether ... .

16. He looked as if ... .

Attributive clauses

Give your own definitions of the following words, using the same

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