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American English

American English was formed in the 18th century. It has got some differences in pronunciations, spelling, meaning and usage. For example, American English has got many words from Amerindian (geographical names, animals and plants):

chipmunk (бурундук),



Many states, rivers and mountains have got Amerindian names:





American English borrowed many words from Dutch, German and Spanish languages:

· Dutch language:



· German language:



· Spanish language:



Some English words have got different meanings (table 3):

shop, bug, pie.

Аm. bakery – Br. baker’s shop,

Аm. bank bill – Br. banknote,

Аm. administration – Br. government,

Аm. hog – Br. pig .

Table 1.

Differences in the usage of American English and British English

American British Russian
Apartment Bathtub Elevator Faucet Can Candy Cookie Corn French fries Oatmeal Grade Kindergarten Subway/Metro Restroom   The movies Store Gasoline Truck Sidewalk Line Highway Mailman Mailbox Soccer Vacation Last name Mom Pants Sneakers Fall Flat Bath Lift Tap Tin Sweets Biscuit Maize Chips Porridge Form Infants’ school Tube/Underground Public Toilet   The cinema Shop Petrol Lorry Path Queue Main road Postman Postbox Football Holiday Surname Mum Trousers Trainers/Gymshoes Autumn Квартира Ванна Лифт Кран Консервная банка Конфеты Печенье Кукуруза Жареная картошка Овсяная каша Класс Детский сад Метро Общественный туалет Кинотеатр Магазин Бензин Грузовик Тротуар Очередь Шоссе Почтальон Почтовый ящик Футбол Каникулы, отпуск Фамилия Мама Брюки Кроссовки Осень

Table 42.

Differences in the spelling of American English and British English

British English American English
- re metre centre theatre -er meter center theater
-our colour favour honour -or color favor honor

Thus, American English has got some peculiarities, some differences in meaning, spelling, pronunciation and usage. The history of the United States influences on American English.

Exercise 16. Write down as many American words as you can.

British English American English

Flat _____________________________

Bath _____________________________

Sweets ______________________________

Shop ______________________________

Maize _____________________________

Lift _____________________________

Chips ______________________________

Petrol ______________________________

Queue ______________________________

Postman _______________________________

Mum _______________________________

Porridge _______________________________

Football _______________________________

Tube / Underground _______________________________

Holiday _______________________________

Public Toilet _______________________________

Form _______________________________

Autumn _______________________________

The cinema _______________________________

Trainers / Gymshoes _______________________________

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