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Find the words with an opposite meaning in the text. Fill in the correct words from the active vocabulary

1) to zip; 2) to stop; 3) commercial software; 4) to collect; 5) to increase; 6) to fail a program; 7) to buy; 8) to install; 9) to compress

Fill in the correct words from the active vocabulary.

1. Computer … consists of many files that contain user-executable programs, support programs and data files.

2. A compiler converts … instructions into a new file containing machine language instructions.

3. In recent years, antivirus software has become a popular category of .

4. The core part of OS called … provides the most essential operating system services, such as memory management and file access.

5. … software stores data as a series of records, which are composed of fields that hold data.

6. To combat piracy, many software publishers require users to type in a … to complete an installation.

Read the sentences translating the Russian fragments into English.

1. Software publishers regularly (обновляют) their software to add new (свойства), fix bugs, and improve its security.

2. (Пакет обновления) is a set of patches that исправляет problems and security vulnerabilities.

3. (Общедоступное ПО) may be freely copied, distributed, even sold but you are not allowed to apply for a (авторское право) on it.

4. (Условно-бесплатное ПО) includes a license that (позволяет) you to use software for a trial period but if you choose to use it, you must pay a registration fee.

5. (Бесплатное ПО) permits you to use it, copy it, give it away but does not allow you to sell it or (вносить изменения) it.

6. (Открытое ПО) is available for programmers who want to (вносить поправки) and improve it.

Answer the questions.

1. How do you install software from distribution media?

2. Is the installation process different for downloaded software?

3. What is a software update?

4. What is a software license? Do you buy the software or licensing it?

5. Can you rent the software? Can you sell the software?


Speak on the topics.

1. Explain the difference between a compiler and an interpreter. Describe the differences between system software and application software.

2. Describe the way an operating system manages each computer resource. Identify operating systems for personal computers, PDAs and servers.

3. List the key features and uses for document production software, spreadsheet and database software.

4. Explain how to install software, whether it’s supplied on CDs or as a Web download. Describe the rights granted by copyright law.

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