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Words and expressions

goods and services товары и услуги

bring, v down prices снижать цены

come, v v down падать (о цене)

cost 1. стоимость, цена 2. стоить

devel­op, v разрабатывать, конструировать

discount скидка

grow, v расти

industry промышленность

interest rates процентные ставки

make, v decision принимать решение

manufacture, v производить

market рынок

offer, v предлагать

own, v владеть, иметь в собственности

plant завод

price цена (на товар)

private [′praivit] частный

produce, v производить

reach, v an agreement прийти к соглашению

spend, v money тратить деньги

supply, v [ sə′plai]поставлять, доставлять, снабжать

tax налог

train, v personnel обучать персонал

trend направление, тенденция, тренд

valuable ценный

Pre-reading tasks

1. Translate the following international words from texts 1-3:

policies, an official, economists, electronic products, metal detector, to ruin, vacuum, objects, strategy, financial services.

2. Read and translate the following nets of the English words:

to agree – to disagree - agreement – disagreement; to use – user – usable – reusable; to manufacture – manufacturer – manufacturing.

3. Read and translate the texts:


Housing prices begin to drop

Housing prices have begun to go down in America. They had been going up for a long time. The government said its policies were bringing down prices. An official remarked, “We’re going to keep pushing prices down. We want you, the people, to have affordable housing”. However, some economists think that higher interest rates are responsible for the falling prices. Said one, “You’ve got to understand that when interest rates go up, people have less money to spend on a house. So prices come down. It’s obvious, don’t you agree?” Whatever the reason, people who need housing are happy.



drop, v (syn. to go down) – падать (о цене)

affordable housing – доступное жилье

You’ve got to understand – надо понимать

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