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I. Прочитайте и переведите текст, обращая внимание на профессионально ориентированную лексику

hotel гостиница, отель
traveller путешественник
premises помещение и прилегающая территория
golf course площадка для гольфа
beach пляж
means of transportation транспортные средства
accommodate размещать, устраивать
clientele клиентура
transient временный жилец
commercial hotel коммерческая гостиница
resort hotel курортная гостиница
vacation area зона отдыха
recreational facilities условия для отдыха
resident hotel отель для длительного проживания
seasonal basis посезонно
banquet room банкетный зал
meeting room зал для проведения встреч, заседаний
convention facilities помещения и оборудование для проведения конвенций
categorising hotels определение категории гостиниц
private bathroom отдельная ванная комната в номере
equipment оборудование
furnishing обстановка, меблировка
establishment учреждение

Travel and hotels have always been closely related.

A hotel is a temporary home for people who are travelling. In a hotel the traveller can rest and have meals, either on the premises or nearby. The hotel may also offer facilities for recreation, such as a swimming pool, a golf course, or a beach. Very often the hotel also provides free space for the traveller's means of transportation.

All of these services are designed to accommodate the traveller, so the hotel business is often referred to as the accommodations industry.

The word motel was created by combining "motor" and "hotel". When automobiles were first used for travelling, flimsy and inexpensive tourist cabins were built along the roads. Then, as people demanded greater comfort, the cabins were replaced by tourist courts and then by the modern motel, offering services comparable to the traditional hotels.

All hotels do not serve the same clientele, that is, the same kind of guests. It is possible to place hotels in four broad categories.

The first is the commercial hotel, which provides services essentially for transients, many of them travelling on business. Many city hotels and motels fall into this group.

The second category is resort hotels. They are located in vacation areas and often provide recreational facilities of their own as well.

A third type of hotel aims its services largely at the convention trade. Conventions are meetings of various business or professional groups held on a regular basis.

The fourth category is resident hotels. People who do not wish to keep house themselves can rent accommodations on a seasonal basis or even permanently in many hotels.

No firm distinction exists between the different kinds of hotels. In large cities one hotel may offer all types of service.

Even a small motel may have banquet rooms and meeting rooms in addition to its accommodations for transients. Many resort hotels are also designed with complete convention facilities.

Another way of categorising hotels is by the quality of service they offer.

At the top are the luxury hotels, which generally offer their guests the greatest comfort and convenience possible. At the bottom are those that provide merely a place to sleep. In between these two extremes are establishments offering a wide range of service and comfort.

A system for rating hotels according to quality is widely used in France and other countries. This system puts the top hotels in a special "deluxe" category, with others receiving from five stars to one star or "A's".

The standard features include private bathrooms, room telephones, recreational facilities and so on.

The difference in quality between hotels is not entirely a matter of equipment or furnishings. The proportion of employees to guests and/or guest rooms is also a matter of prime importance. In general, the accommodations industry is labour-intensive, that is, it employs a large number of people to perform its services. In a luxury hotel, there may be three employees for every guest room. In a large commercial hotel in a big city, the ratio is usually closer to one employee per guest room.

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