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Часть I. disease [di'zi:z] n заболевание, бо­лезнь

Слова к части I

disease [di'zi:z] n заболевание, бо­лезнь

particle ['pcutikl] n частица

expect [iks'pekt] v ожидать, предпо­лагать

hereditary [hi'reditari] а наследствен­ный

facilitate [fs'siliteit] v облегчать, спо­собствовать

core [ко:] п ядро


Упражнение 1. Переведите следующие условные предложения на русский,; язык.

1. The experiment would be ready by the end of the month if they supplied us with all the necessary material on the problem. 2. If a transverse section is made through the cerebral hemispheres, the inner white matter and the embedded grey matter may be observed. 3. All sensations such as touch, pain and temperature are lost if cerebral hemispheres are destroyed.

4. If a piece of ice were placed against the skin, it would cause a sudden change in environment of the body and the sensation of cold would result.

5. If a man touches hot water, he quickly withdraws his hand.

Lesson 14 <♦> 161

\ пражнение 2. Напишите данные предложения так, чтобы они выражали маловероятное предположение.

()бразец: If they get all the necessary material, they will be able to

Go on with their experiment.

If they got all the necessary material, they would be able to go on with their experiment.

If an object passes in front of the eyes, the changes in the intensity of the light stimulate the nerve endings in the eye. 2. If food is taken into the mouth, stimulation of the various receptors in the mucous membrane brings about reflex secretions. 3. If one can make a nerve connection between the sensitive receptor cells of the ear and the area in the brain associated with sight, it will be possible to perceive, or «see» sounds.

Упражнение З. Напишите данные предложения так, чтобы они выражали упущенную возможность совершить действие.

Образец: If the doctor knows the reason of the patient's trouble, he

mil help him immediately.

If the doctor had known the reason of the patient's trouble yesterday he would have helped him immediately.

1. If the cerebral cortex in this animal is completely removed, no connection reflexes will be formed at all. 2. If she takes part in the conference, she will make a good report. 3. If we use new apparatus, we shall save much time. 4. If the surgeon on duty does not ope­rate patient N., serious complications may result.

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