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Moscow, with the population of nearly nine million, is spread over a vast area of a thousand square kilometers. Originally, however it was nothing but a small fortress lost amid woods and marshes. Founded in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, Moscow was named after the Moskva River on the bank of which it was built. In the course of time Moscow grew into a real city, which became the center of a principality. During the whole history of Russia Moscow occupiedthe leading place in the political and cultural life of the Russian people.

In the 13th century ancient Russ fell under the yokeof the Tatar-Mongol invaders for two hundred years. Only in 1480, in the reign of Grand Duke Ivan III, the foreign yoke was thrown off. In the 15th century, Moscow became the capital of the Russian state and the largest economic and cultural center of the country.

Nowadays, it is a political, administrative and educational centre of the country. Moscow’s numerous plants and factories produce different goods for the population and various machines for all branches of national economy. Moscow is also a large educational and scientific center. There are many educational establishments of various kinds and research institutes in Moscow. The oldest Russian educational establishment Moscow University is also here. It was founded by M. Lomonosov, a Great Russian scientist of the 18th century.

Moscow is beautiful. We admire its fine buildings, palaces, architectural monuments, green parks and squares.

The traffic system was also greatly improved. The Moscow underground is without doubt the best in the world. It connects the centerof the city with almost all districts and suburbs of Moscow. The underground is the quickest and most convenient means of transport.

Many important events in the history of Russia are connected with the nameof Moscow. The Moscow Kremlin is one of the world’s largest collection of historic and art treasures.

The city is famous for its historical monuments, museums, and art galleries. A wonderful collection of world famous pictures by Repin, Levitan, Surikov and other Russian and contemporary artists is exhibited in the Tretjakov Gallery. In the world famous Bolshoi Theatre we can see the best ballet performances and listen to Russian and foreign operas.

5. Match English and Russian equivalents:

lost amid woods and marshes татаро-монгольские захватчики
a large scientific center многочисленные заводы Москвы
the best ballet performances великий русский учёный
various machines зелёные парки и скверы
many important events древняя Русь
all districts ведущее место
a great Russian scientist связано с именем Москвы
to be named after лучшее в мире
Moscow’s numerous plants сбросить иго
Without doubt быть названным в честь
The leading place без сомнения
Ancient Rus русские и современные художники
Green parks and squares большой научный центр
The best in the world различные машины
Are connected with the name of Moscow много важных событий
Tatar-Mongol invaders лучшие балетные спектакли
Russian and contemporary artists потерянная среди лесов и болот
To throw off the yoke все районы

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