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Complete the following sentences. 1. The sea keeps the island warm in

1. The sea keeps the island warm in … .

2. The weather in England varies … .

3. In spring the weather is generally mild … .

4. In summer it is not so … .

5. In winter they have all sorts … .

6. The rivers and lakes are seldom … .

7. The worst thing about the climate … .

8. In London the fog is sometimes so … .

9. The Londoners cannot imagine … .

16. Find in the text and read information about:

a) the weather in different seasons;

b) the fog.

Make a short summary of the text.


Practice the pronunciation of the following words and word-combinations.

parliamentary monarchy – парламентская монархия

judicial precedents – юридические прецеденты

descendant – потомок

supreme beaver of executive power – верховный носитель исполнительной власти

judicial – юридический

legislative – законодательный

archaic – архаичный

overwhelming majority – подавляющее большинство

executive power – исполнительная власть

foreign policy – внутренняя политика

State a part of speech of the following words.

parliamentary, constitution, agreement, juridicial, responsibility, activity, personally, formation, legislature, overwhelming.

Give 3 forms of the following verbs.

To have, to evolve, to bear, to select, to comprise, to begin, to come, to open, to consider, to construct.

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