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Match English and Russian equivalents

constitutional agreements концентрирует все полномочия
for life составные части
direct descendant потеря доверия
legislative power ведомственные министры
component parts прямые потомки
departmental ministers конституционные соглашения
is attained достигается
executive power законодательная власть
concentrates the powers исполнительная власть
loss of confidence пожизненно

Give Russian equivalents to the following English ones.

Is inherited; judicial precedents; the supreme commander-in-chief; temporal head; concluding international treaties;’ is considered to be an integral part; come to an agreement; the upper house; are engaged in traditional duties; is not provided for.

7.Use English equivalents instead of Russian ones.

1) The constitution of Britain consists of (парламентских законов, юридических прецедентов).

2) Royal power is (пожизненная) and (наследуется прямым наследником монарха).

3) The monarch has the right (назначать премьер-министра и других министров, судей, дипломатов).

4) (Высший орган законодательной власти) is Parliament.

5) In order that laws may be adopted it is necessary that the Houses (пришли к соглашению).

6) (Верхняя палата – британского парламента – палата Лордов) is an archaic institution.

7) The government of Britain (охватывает от 80 до 100 человек).

8) As a rule this post is attained by the leader of the party that (большинство в палате Общин).

9) The highest organ of (исполнительной власти) is the cabinet of ministers.

10) In case of a loss of confidence the government (должен подать в отставку).

Answer the following questions.

1) What does the unwritten constitution of Great Britain consist of?

2) Who is the chief of state?

3) Whom is royal power inherited by?

4) What are the monarch’s powers?

5) What are the lower house and the highest house of the Parliament?

6) How many persons are there in the government of Britain?

7) Whom is the government headed?

8) What is the highest organ of executive power in Britain?

9) Who selects the members of the cabinet?

10) Whom does the government bear a collective responsibility for its political activity?

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