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Match English and Russian equivalents

is situated соответственно
total area состоит
is made up по закону
English Channel расположено
respectively городской
mountainous общая площадь
urban Ла-Манш
highly developed конституционная монархия
constitutional monarchy гористый
in law высоко развитый

Give Russian equivalents to the following English ones.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales; Northern Ireland; is used to mean the United Kingdom; a surface varies very much; Highlands Lowlands; the whole year round; reigns but does not rules.

Use English equivalents instead of Russian ones.

1) The UK is made up of four countries (Англии, Уэльс, Шотландии и Северной Ирландии).

2) Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales (и не включает Северную Ирландию).

3) The British Isles are separated from the European continent by (Северным морем и Ла-Маншем).

4) The North and West of England are mountainous (но все остальное – это огромная равнина).

5) The warm waters of Gulf Stream (влияют на климат Британских островов).

6) The United Kingdom is (высокоразвитая промышленная) country.

7) In law (глава государства) is the Queen.

8) The government is ruled by (избираемым правительством).

9) The British Parliament consists of (двух палат).

Answer the following questions.

1) The UK is an island state, isn’t it? Where is it situated?

2) What countries is the UK made of? What are their capitals?

3) What Channel separates the British Isles from the continent?

4) What is the north of Scotland called?

5) Are there a lot of long and deep rivers in Great Britain?

6) Why is the climate of the British Isles mild?

7) Is the UK a large country?

8) What is the UK’s population?

9) What does the UK produce and export?

10) What does a constitutional monarchy mean?

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