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Варіант 14

І . Вставте артиклі , де це необхідно

1. Brown has ... PhD in ... history from ... University of ... Edinburgh and spent his ... early career working as ... television journalist.

2. He has been ... Member of ... Parliament since 1983.

3. As ... Prime Minister, he also held ... offices of First Lord of ... Treasure and ... Minister for ... Civil Service.

II. Вставте модальні дієслова may, must або need замість крапок.

I go there right now? — Yes, you ... . 2. . ... we hand in our essays tomorrow? — No, you ... not, you ... hand them in after Sunday. 3. ... John really do this today? — No, he ... not, he ... do it tomorrow if he likes.

III. Перепишіть наступні речення в минулому часі – Past Simple Tense.

1. He answers well and gets a “five”.

2. Pete does not get a “five” because he does not know his lesson.

3. After the second lesson I go to the canteen.

IV. Перекладіть текст.

The English have played a significant role in the development of the arts and sciences. Many of the most important figures in the history of modern western scientific and philosophical thought were either born in, or at one time or other resided in, England. Major English thinkers of international significance include scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin and New Zealand-born Ernest Rutherford, philosophers such as John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell and Thomas Hobbes, and economists such as David Ricardo, and John Maynard Keynes. Karl Marx wrote most of his important works, including Das Kapital, while in exile in Manchester, and the team that developed the first atomic bomb began their work in England, under the wartime codename Tube Alloys.

V. Складіть 3 запитання до тексту (загальне, спеціальне та альтернативне).

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