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Запросы (Enquiries)

I Переведите и запомните выражения, наиболее часто встречающиеся в разных видах запросов:

1 We learn from (or have been informed by) … that you are manufactures (or exporters) of ….

2 We have seen your advertisement (or We refer to your advertisement) in ….

3 We are interested in … advertised by you in ….

4 We shall be obliged if you will send us your latest catalogues, brochures containing a description of ….

5 Please send us samples of your manufacturers ….

6 Please let us know if you can offer us ….

II Прочтите письмо и найдите в нем эквиваленты следующих выражений:

ежегодно, советник, запрашивать, оптовый торговец, ограничивать, стоимость, образцы, покупки, последний из названных.

Dear Sirs,

At the suggestion of Mr. A.B. Ivanov, the Commercial Counsellor of Russian Embassy in Canada, we write to enquire whether you could supply us with Cotton Piece Goods.

We are wholesalers of cotton fabrics and normally draw our supplies from the U.S.A., the U.K. and India. From the last-named country we have been buying annually goods to the value of about $ 250,000.

Please let us know the types of Cotton Textiles available for export from Russia sending us samples and advising us of your prices and terms. We do not restrict our purchases of textiles to special types and are interested in both printed cotton cloth and grey cloth.

We look forward with interest to your reply.

Yours faithfully

III Составьте письмо-запрос, используя лексику Задания 1.

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