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At the English lesson

Our English classes usually begin with the teacher’s greeting. The teacher says: “Good morning/afternoon/evening! Be seated!”

Now, we are at the English lesson. The teacher is looking through the group register. We are reading the text. Student Ivanov is translating text into Russian, Petrov is retelling the text, Smirnov and Sidorov are making up the dialogue. The teacher is asking questions and we are answering them. Now we are doing grammar exercise. On Monday we usually write test papers so we are preparing to the test now. The teacher is explaining grammar rules to us.

Tomorrow we’ll write a dictation. When we are through with it the student-on duty will collect our exercise-books. The teacher will correct our mistakes and give us marks for the test. We usually get good marks in English because we work hard at it. We work much in our language laboratory. We put on the ear-phones, switch on the tape-recorders and listen to the tapes and records. This term we are taking a credit in English. We hope to pass it successfully.


Exercise 9.Complete the following sentences.


1. We are at the English … .

2.The teacher is looking through … .

3.We are reading … .

4.They are making up … .

5. The teacher is asking … .

6. The students are doing … .

7. This term we are taking … .

8. He is retelling … .

9. I am translating … from … into … .


Exercise 10. Arrange the words in pairs. Translate the word-combinations.


a). to look through, to make up, to retell, to collect, to correct, to give, to be through with, to be over, to ask and answer.


b). mistakes, questions, the group register, a dictation, dialogue, the text, exercise-books, marks, lesson.


Exercise 11. Find the equivalents.


a). to begin, to finish, to make up, to come in, to collect, to do, test.


b). to complete, credit, to start, to prepare, to be over, to enter, to pick up.

Exercise 12. Fill in the prepositions.


1. I am looking … the text now. 2. The students are translating the text … English … Russian. 3.We are working hard … English. 4. They usually get good marks … all subjects. 5.I often put … the ear-phones to listen …the music. 6.Soon we are taking exam … English. 7. The teacher gives us marks … the test. 8. We are making … dialogues. 9. He is listening … the tape now.


Exercise 13. Answer the following questions.


1. Where are you now?

2. Is the teacher looking through the group register?

3. What are you reading?

4. What are the students doing?

5. Who is asking questions?

6. Who is answering questions?

7. What exercise are the students doing now?

8. What is the teacher explaining?

9. When are you taking a credit in English?


Exercise 14.Speak on your English lesson.


Grammar review.


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