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The Present Continuous Tense

To be + V ing.

Утвердительная форма                   Отрицательная форма

I         am                                     I             am 

He/she/it is                                       He/she   is

You             reading now                       You                not reading now.

We     are                                     We         are

They                                                 They


Вопросительная форма                  Краткие ответы

Am              I

Is       He/she/it reading now?  Yes, I am/he is.

Are              You/We                             No, I am not/he isn’t.



What are you doing now? -Что ты делаешь сейчас?

I am reading the text.       –Я читаю текст.


Present Continuous  употребляется:


-для выражения незаконченного действия, совершающегося в момент речи:

He is reading a book now. -Он читает книгу сейчас.


- для выражения длительного действия, совершаемого в настоящий период времени:

He is writing a report about England. -Он пишет доклад об Англии.


- для выражения действия, осуществление которого ожидается в ближайшее время:

We are passing our English test in a month. -Через месяц мы пишем тест по английскому.


Exercise 1.Underline the Predicate.


1. We are answering questions on the new text. 2. He is correcting his mistakes now. 3. She is closing the window. 4. They are speaking English now. 5. Are they listening to the radio now? 6. Nick isn’t standing at the blackboard he is writing something in his notebook. 7. Is your teacher standing at the table now? 8. Is Petrov writing any exercises ? - No, he is not. He is reading a book. 9.They are learning the new words now. 10. They are translating a new text at the moment. 11. These students are making up dialogues and answering the teacher’s questions. 12. Are you reading a newspaper? - No, I am not. I am reading a book. 13. Where is he? – He is playing tennis now.

Exercise 2.Open the brackets using Present Continuous.


1. The teacher (to look through) the group register. 2. Petrov ( to retell) the text. 3 They ( to make up) the dialogues. 4. The teacher ( to ask) questions, and I (to answer) them. 5. We ( to write) a dictation. 6. The teacher ( to explain) rules to us. 7. The students (to prepare) to the credit. 8. We (to take) an exam in English in summer. 9. I (to listen to) the tapes and records. 10. He (to come) to Moscow in 2 days. 11. They (to have) dinner now. 12. Look, where they (to go)? – They (to go) to the cinema. 13. Why you (to hurry)? – I (to have) a little time.


Exercise 3.Ask questions. (Pay attention to the answers).

(You/ to listen to/ tapes ) Are you listening to tapes? – No, I am not.

(the teacher/look through the register)?… She is asking us.

(what/ you/ do?)……….I am speaking English now.

(what/ Nick/do?)…… He is translating the text.

(it/rain?)….. No, not at the moment.

(how/you/ work at the text?) ….I’m working hard.

(you/write/ a letter?) …. Yes, to my mother.

(what rule/ the teacher/ explain?) ….. Grammar rule.


Exercise 4. Give true answers.


1. Are you watching TV? Yes, I am./ No, I am not.

2. Are you listening to records?

3. Is it raining now?

4. Are you doing exercises?

5. Are you feeling well?

6. Is your friend reading now?

7. Are the students making up dialogues?

8. Is your teacher asking you questions now?

9. Are you sleeping?

10. Is your friend watching you?

11. Are the students translating now?


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