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1. Follow the conversations. Say what the situation is…

a an airport - checking in

b a restaurant - chance meeting

с hold conference

d an airport

e checking in

Conversation 1

B: Yes, I am. Are you from Nixdorf?

A: Yes, I`m Saskia Slater. How do you do?

B: Pleased to meet you.

A: Are you very tired after your flight?

B: A little, but I`m fine.

A: Good. Oh, here we are. Taxi!

Conversation 2

A: Hello. Are you one of the organisers?

B: No. I'm not. I`m a delegate, like you.

A: Oh. I`m sorry.

B: So you are Jacky Leclerk.

A: Yes. but how…

B: Your badge. I`m Jeff Simpson, from CMG.

A: Oh .CMG. You are big in plastics of course.

B: Yes, we are. And who are you with?

A: Morgan Friedman.

Conversation 3

A: Hello, Enrique. How are you?

B: I`m fine. I am fine. And you?

A: Yes, I`m fine too. Are you alone?

B: Yes, I am.

A: So, you're free to join me.

B: Yes. Yes. I am. Thank you.

A: Over here, the table by the window.

Conversation 4

A: Good afternoon. I`m from LPG.

B: Ah, yes, Mr Poulson.

A: No, I`m not Mr Poulson. I`m Mr Leeman.

B: Right. Sorry about that. Room 303.

A: Thank you.

B: You re welcome.

2. Complete the gaps in the conversations. Read again to check your answers.

Conversation 1

A Excuse me, (a) … Mr. Jansky?

B Yes. I am. Are you from Nixdorf?

A Yes. (b)… Saskia Slater. How do you do?

B Pleased lo meet you.

A (c) …. very tired after your flight. (d) … fine.

B A little bit, but (e) ….

A Oh, here we are. Taxi!

Conversation 2

A Hello, (f) …one of the organisers?

B No, I'm not. I'm a delegate, like you. Oh. I'm sorry.

A So (g) …Jacques Leclerk

B Yes. I how ...

A Your badge. (h) ….

B Oh, CMS, (i) …plastics.

A Yes. we are. And who (j) with?

B Morgan Friedman.

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