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Exercise 3. Read the text

to promote – содействовать, продвигать

to solve – решать

an opportunity – возможность

an arrangement – устройство, приведение в порядок

in advance – заранее

to support – поддерживать

an invitation – приглашение

to book – заказывать

premises – предприятие

to approve – одобрять

a claim – претензия

to notify – уведомлять

a reception – прием

sightseeing – осмотр достопримечательностей

casually – соответственно ситуации

to appreciate – оценить

Business visits are very important in development of trade relations with countries and companies. Personal contacts promote a better understanding not only in foreign trade but in all spheres of human activities.

Normally businessmen contact through telephone calls or correspondence. But as the human element is very important they solve the main problems more effectively through personal meetings. During the talks the partners have an opportunity to discuss all problems face to face, to hear out their counter-part’s arguments and to come to an agreement more easily.

Since a business trip is always limited in time, a businessman usually makes all arrangements in advance by phone or by fax. If he goes abroad he will apply for a visa. His partners will support his visa and send him an invitation. They will also reserve accommodation for him and work out the programme for his visit. When all these preparations are done and agreed upon a businessman should book his railway or airway ticket. It is better to do it in advance.

It is a common practice for Buyer’s representatives to visit Seller’s premises for technical or commercial discussions either before or after signing a contract. During this visit the Seller shows the premises to the Buyer. The latter (последний из двух) have the chance to see the equipment in operation, to be present at the tests at the testing department. If the Seller offers some modifications in the equipment the Buyer can see them, discuss and approve immediately.

The Seller often visits the Buyer’s premises when they have to revise prices or other terms of the contract or draw up a new contract with their customers. Both the Buyer and the Seller can meet to discuss different claims if they appear during the fulfillment of the contract.

It is very important to be punctual in business. If you can’t keep the appointment you should notify your partner in advance and fix a new date.

On formal occasions such as talks, business lunch, a reception a businessman should wear a suit and a tie. During an informal meeting such as a sightseeing tour, a visit to a private home a businessman can be dressed casually. It is always best to behave naturally. Jokes and humour are appreciated by businessmen just as much as they are everywhere.

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