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It’s generally known that Kaliningrad region, where I was lucky enough to be born and live, is the most western region of Russia. It is located on the Baltic Sea coast and borders with Poland and Lithuania. Our region is the richest place that produces 95% of all stocks of amber. Besides that it is well-known and famous for its resort towns such as Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Pionerski, Нф and Kurshskaya Kosa/Curonian Spit as well asfor its historical places, unusual architecture, nice parks with beautiful flowerbeds, and squares. There are also some museums, a Drama theatre, the House of Art, Art Gallery, a Philharmonic in the Museum by Immanuel Kant, the Zoo and other attractions in it. But unfortunately there is no Circus here. I’d like to add that Kaliningrad has a lot of different entertainment spots for any age.

Above all we have got various educational institutions such as schools, colleges, gymnasiums and the famous Baltic Federal University by Immanuel Kant, where young people study from all Kaliningrad region and even from other Russian cities and the Baltic countries.

Personally Ilike our city at night because there are no traffic jams and all the streets are illuminated with bright lights.

In conclusion I want to confess that I really like Kaliningrad for its originality and I hope you will like it, too or/ and I hope everyone who comes here also falls in love with Kaliningrad.



П. – У вас есть какое-нибудь болеутоляющее P. – Do you have any pain-killer medicine?

Средство? pain?

Б. – А что вас беспокоит? S. - What’s your trouble?

П. – У меня ужасно болит желудок. P. - I have a terrible stomachache.

Б. - У нас на борту есть аптечка. Я помогу вам. S. – We have got a first aid kit in board.I’ll

Пожалуйста, примите чайную ложку этих help you. Please take a teaspoon of

Капель. Если вам не станет лучше, я доло- these drops. If you are not better, I’ll

Жу командиру корабля и по прибытии мы inform the captain. We'll call ambula-

Вызовем машину скорой помощи. nce upon arrival at the aerodrome.

П. – Спасибо не надо. Это лекарство обычно P. – Thank you, needn’t. This medicine

Хорошо помогает мне. usually does me good. ( or This medicine

Usually makes me feel better.)


Б. – Вас укачивает? S. - Are you getting airsick?

П. – У меня ужасная головная боль. Мне ка- P. – I have a terrible headache. It seems to

Ся, у меня поднимается температура. При - me I’m running the temperature. Will you

Несите мне, пожалуйста, термометр. bring/fetch me a thermometer, please?

Б. – Очень жаль, но у нас нет термометра. S. – I’m awfully sorry but we haven’t got it.

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