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Упражнение1. Прослушайте (прочитайте) и запомните следующие словосочетания. Переведите предложения.

1. to pass an act through Parliament утвердить законопроект в

The National Health Service Act was passed through Parliament in 1946.

2. to receive the Royal Assent получить одобрение Королевы. The National Health Service Act received the Royal Assent in 1948.

3. the United Kingdom = the U.K. Соединенное Королевство Великобритании.

The United Kingdom unites England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Упражнение2. Прослушайте и повторите за диктором (преподавателем) следующие слова.

parliament ['paitamsnt], finance [fai'naens], emergency [I'maidjansi], comprehensive [,kDmpn'hensiv], practitioner [prsk'tijns], invaluable [m'vaelju9bl]

УпражнениеЗ. Прослушайте (прочитайте) и переведите следующие гнезда слов, указав, какой частью речи являются эти слова (обратите внимание на словообразовательные суффиксы).

to administer, administration, administrative; to provide, provision, provisional; to satisfy, satisfaction, satisfactory; to specialize, specializa­tion, specialist, specialty; to consult, consultation, consultant

Упражнение4. Определите, от каких глаголов образованы данные существительные, и переведите их.

service, introduction, contribution, treatment, payment, prescription, appointment, reception, consultation, discussion

Упражнение5. Прочтите и переведите текст.

Health Service in Great Britain

A delegation of Russian doctors went to Great Britain on a return visit. They were met by the British doctors who had been the guests of

268 -0 Learning To Discuss Medicine

The Russian Medical Workers' Union last year. The Russian doctors visited the Health Centre in Hampshire and some hospitals in London, Liverpool and Aberdeen. Now they are having a talk with their British colleagues on the health care system in Great Britain.

Dr. Sharova, head of the Russian delegation: Dear colleagues. During our stay in Great Britain we visited many medical institutions. The doctors kindly acquainted us with their work. We were told that the National Health Service Act was passed through Parliament in 1946 and in 1948 this Act received the Royal Assent and was brought into opera­tion. And what about Scotland and Ireland?

Dr. McDonald: Similar services operate in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Further administrative changes were introduced by a number of other Health Service Acts. f'Z)r. Kelly: I'd like to say that most medical treatment in our country is free, but charges are made for drugs, spectacles and dental care. Free emergency medical treatment is given to any visitor from abroad who becomes ill while staying in our country. But thpse who come to En­gland specifically for treatment must pay for it. '"]

Dr. Nikitina: The National Health Service provides free medical care
both in hospital and in the out-patient clinic/So you have no private
patients in Great Britain, have you? ~T~

Dr. Sharland: Not quite so. People may use the NHS or they may go to doctors as private patients. In big cities there are some private hospi­tals which people may use. Many people who have enough money still prefer to be private patients because they think that they can in that way establish a closer relationship with the doctor or because they do not want to be put in a large room with other patients.

Dr. McDonald: I'd like to add that a patient in our country can choose between NHS or private treatment at any time. Moreover he can take some of his medical care through the NHS, and some privately. If a patient is dissatisfied with his NHS family doctor or dentist, he may change to another one. In fact, 97 per cent of the population use the NHS. \

Dr. Kruglov: What is the role of the family doctor in the Health Service system?

Dr. Kelly: The role of the family doctor (General Practitioner) is very important. Not all patients need highly specialized attention and the GP does invaluable work by filtering off 90 per cent or so of the total medical workJ^

Dr. Sharova: You told us that if a patient is dissatisfied with his family doctor he may change to another one. And what about the doctors? Does this freedom of choice apply to them?

Health Service in Great Britain ♦ 269

Dr. McDonald: Yes. This freedom of choice applies to doctors and dentists too. They can choose whether they want to join the NHS or not, and whether they will have NHS patients or private ones. In fact, the majority work in the NHS.

Dr. Kruglov: We visited the St. Thomas' and St. Bartholomew's Hos­pitals in London and noticed that they are small hospitals with about 200 beds. They are housed in inconvenient buildings. Can such small hospitals provide a full range of medical service?

\Dr. McDonald: You see, we do have modern hospitals but half of the buildings are over 100 years old. 70 per cent of our hospitals are small, with only about 200 beds. Such hospitals are not economical and can­not provide a full range of service, which requires a district hospital of 800 beds or more. Now we have more than 150 health centres in the U.K. The first Scottish health centre was opened in Edinburgh in 1953. These health centres are an integral part of a unified comprehensive health service. Health centres provide all the special diagnostic and therapeutic services which family doctors may need, such as electrocar-diography, X-ray, physiotherapy and good administrative and medical records systems. Family doctors work in close cooperation with the hospital doctors. Health centres are the basis of primary care, jr

Dr. Nikitina: Are there consultant services in such health centres?

Dr. Sharland: There are centres which provide consultant services in general medicine and surgery, ear-nose-throat diseases, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and orthopaedics. All consul­tations in the centre are by appointment only. The patient is given a definite time at which to attend. This is recorded on a card for him. Each doctor decides for himself how many patients he can examine in one hour. We believe that the patient is the most important person in the health centre and that we should direct all our energy towards help­ing him as much as possible.

Dr. Sharova: Dear colleagues, thank you ever so much for the warm reception, for this interesting discussion and for the opportunity to get acquainted with the health service system in your country.

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