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Б) прочитайте свой диалог и скажите, в помощи хирурга или терапевта нуждается больной

Dr. Young: Good morning, Mr. Hollister./ Are you still taking your digitalis?/1 believe you have hardening of arteries (облитерация артерий) with heart involvement (поражение сердца)./ How are you getting along? / Now your heart is not able to perform the work it is supposed to./ Regarding your treatment, I think you should continue to take one tablet of digitalis daily and stay on a salt free diet./ You need to do this indefinitely, otherwise (иначе) you'll get into trouble./ What seems to be the problem?/Three weeks from today. Good-bye now and be care­ful ./ Do you put any salt in your food?

Mr. Hollister: I've not been feeling well for the last week./Well, Doc­tor, I've been not taking digitalis for the last week./ Doctor, could you tell me what my problem is?/When shall I come back?/ I've had some shortness of breath, and as you can see, my legs are swollen now./ Bye. See you in three weeks then./ I find it hard to eat completely without salt./

Упражнение 9. Прочитайте текст беседы врача и пациента еще раз. Ска­жите, какие утверждения соответствуют содержанию беседы.

1. а) Больной жаловался на одышку и отечность ног. б) У больно­го не было жалоб на одышку. 2. а) Больной принимал по одной таблетке дигиталиса в течение недели, б) Больной не принимал дигиталис в течение недели. 3. а) Больной чувствовал себя хорошо. б) У больного была сердечная недостаточность. 4. а) Врач посовето­вал больному придерживаться бессолевой диеты, б) Больной со­блюдал бессолевую диету.

Упражнение 10. Вы ведете прием. Составьте беседу врача и больного с подозрением на стенокардию. Используйте данные слова, словосочета­ния и фразы.

Where does it hurt?, Can you describe the pain?, What makes it worse?, complaints, to complain of, to have troubles with the heart, to have pain in the heart, the character of the pain, dull pain, sharp pain, to have pain on physical exertion, arterial pressure, angina pectoris, cardiac failure

272♦ Learning To Discuss Medicine

Упражнение11. Прослушайте (прочитайте) диалог. Какой анамнез со­
бирает врач? Перечислите основные вопросы, которые были заданы,
больному. 1


Dr. Harper: Have you ever been sick before? j

Patient James Ross: Yes, sir. I have had scarlet fever and pneumonia.

Dr. H.: Have you ever had measles? Chicken-pox? Whooping cough?

Patient: Yes, sir. I had all the childhood diseases.

Dr. H.: How about adult illnesses, have you ever had ТВ, jaundice, heart or kidney trouble?

Patient: No, I have only had the ones I just told you.

Dr. H.: Have you ever been operated on? Have you ever had any operations?

Patient 'Yes, several. I've had my appendix out. And I've also had my tonsils operated on.

Dr. H.: Did you ever break any bones?

Patient: I broke my arm when I was a child and that's all.

Dr. #.: Are your parents living?

Patient: No, botlj are no longer living. My father died of natural causes and my mother died of cardiac insufficiency.

Dr. H.: Do you have brothers and sisters? Are they in good health?

Patient: I have two brothers, one is living and the other is not. He had a stroke. My sister has diabetes.

Dr. H.: Are you married? Do you have any children?

Patient: Oh, yes. I'm married. I have two boys and they seem to be all right.

Dr. H.: Do you smoke?

Patient: I smoke 10 cigarettes a day. I tried to quit twice, but with no success.

Упражнение 12. Прочитайте диалог еще раз и составьте рекомендации для студентов по сбору анамнеза жизни и семейного анамнеза. Используйте следующие фразы: То take a past history anda family history, you should ... , You will also need the information about... , Remember to ask your patient ... , It is important to know ....

Упражнение 13. а) прочитайте текст и скажите, какие органы и функции обследует врач при осмотре больного

б) назовите основные этапы физикального обследования, используйте следующие фразы: First it is necessary to...; The next step is to...; The phys­ical examination also includes...; It is important to...; Finally, ....

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