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Moderation and marking

All teachers use the same version of the mark scheme. During the moderation process it is necessary to check learner sample papers with the marks awarded to ensure there are no deviations from the standardized mark scheme.






Summative Assessment for the Cross curricular unit “The natural environment”


Learning objective 2.L4 Recognise with support short basic questions relating to

features such as colour and number

2.UE13 Use can to talk about ability and to make requests and

offers; use can / can’t to talk about permission


Assessment criteria • Identify short questions on curricular topics with


support such as colour and number

• Talk about ability, make requests and offers, and ask for

permission using can and can’t


Level of thinking skills Knowledge and comprehension



Duration 20 minutes




Task 1.Listen to the teacher and answer the questions.


1. Are the trees green in autumn?

2. Are the trees white in winter?

3. Are there flowers in summer?

4. Are there 3 seasons in a year?

5. Are there 5 months in autumn?

6. Do we celebrate the New Year in winter?

7. Is your big holiday in spring?



Use of English


Task 2.


A. Look at the pictures and tell what you can and cannot do at the Zoo.


B. Look at the pictures and tell what you can do as animals can.


C. Look at the pictures and make a request or offer.



Assessment Task   Descriptor Mark Additional  
criteria       information  
  A learner    
Identify short   1. No./No, there are not.    
questions on            
  2. Yes./ Yes, they are.    
curricular topics            
  3. Yes./ Yes, there are.    
with support such    
4. No./No, there are not.    
as colour and      
  5. No./No, there are not.    
    6. Yes./ Yes, I do.    
    7. No./No, it is not.    
    Possible answers Any other  
Talk about ability,   A. You cannot feed animals. answers are  
make requests and       acceptable if they  
  You cannot stand very close to  
offers, and   animals. describe pictures  
ask for permission       using can and  
  You can come to the Zoo with  
using can and your parents. can’t  
can’t.       appropriately.  
B. I can ride a bike like an  
    I can jump on the sofa like    
    C. Can I take a dog for a walk?    
    Can I feed the chickens?    
Total marks          





Rubrics for providing information to parents on the results of Summative Assessment for the Cros environment”


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