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You ____________ take my book.



I help you?


You _________ use phone at the lesson.






Task 4.Write the missing words in the sentences.


1. We get ___________________ on New Year’s Day.
2. You eat a ________________ at the birthday Party!
3. They can see many ___________ on Independence Day!
4. We wear ______________ clothes on Nauryz Day.




Task 5.Look at the pictures and give instructions to your classmates.



1. 2. 3.






Mark scheme


Task № Answer Mark Additional  
    Ear These words may  
        come in any order.  
    1. I can draw.    
  2. You can take my book.    
  3. Can I help you?    
    4. You cannot use phone at the lesson.    
    1. presents/gifts    
  2. cake    
  3. flags    
    4. national    
    Clap your hands!    
Total marks          


Administration rules

During the Assessment cover all visual materials like, diagram, schemes, posters and maps that can serve as prompts for the learners.

At the beginning of the Assessment read out the instructions and inform the learners about the assessment duration. Remind learners that they are not allowed to talk with each other during the Summative Assessment. After the instructions, make sure they have understood given instructions and ask if they have any questions before the start of the assessment.

Ensure that the learners are working individually and not helping each other. During the Summative Assessment learners should not have any access to additional recourses that can help them, for example, dictionaries (excluding the cases when it is allowed in specification)

Recommend learners to cross the wrong answers instead of using an eraser.

During the assessment you can answer learners’ questions, regarding the instructions and the assessment duration. You should not spell, paraphrase or provide any information that could give the learner an advantage.

Always tell the learners that they have 5 minutes left before the end of the Summative Assessment.

Tell the learners to stop writing and put down their pens/pencils on the desks at the end of the Summative Assessment.


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