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Chapters 3, 4

1. Learn the following words:

  1. at a heated juncture – когда страсти накалились
  2. to be at stake – быть на кону
  3. to come scampering over – примчаться опрометью
  4. to bellow and hoot – завыть, заулюлюкать
  5. rooter - болельщик
  6. to indulge in – предаваться чему-то, не отказывать себе
  7. to hover around - слоняться
  8. to dog smb – преследовать по пятам
  9. to dampen – охладить, сдерживать
  10. to launch into a sermon – удариться в проповедь
  11. witticism – острота
  12. to disparage – унизить
  13. laudatory phrases – похвальба
  14. to cream smb – живого места не оставить, разгромить
  15. wonk – ботан, зануда
  16. rival – соперник
  17. to answer matter-of-factly – ответить сухо
  18. edifice – сооружение
  19. to cringe – сжиматься, съеживаться
  20. back to business – в своем репертуаре

2. Translate and dwell on the sentences:

1. But of course, who could tell what he was thinking? Oliver Barrett III was a walking, sometimes talking Mount Rushmore. Stonyface.2. The Novocain was wearing off a little, but I was somehow happy to feel pain.3. At dinner, we had yet another in our continuing series of nonconversations, all of which commence with “How’ve you been?” and conclude with “Anything I can do?”4. I don’t know why, but O.B. III has a way of disparaging me even while uttering laudatory phrases.5. And there I got my first inkling of a cultural gap between us.

3. Paraphrase the italicized words using the vocabulary list:

1. His opponent was ready to use all the possible means to beat him.

2. The construction of the museum dates back to the beginning of the 18th century.

3. Instead of attending the lessons Peter preferred pottering along the streets.

4. He devoted himself to traveling around the world. We live just once!

5. Kate restrained Nick by telling him that she wasn’t ready to marry him.

6. Seething with frustration he smashed everything on his way.

7. She was humiliated by his behaviour at the party and became disappointed in her best friend.

8. Alice was a real pain in the neck for the whole class. That’s why she had no friends there.

4. Translate the sentences into English using active vocabulary:

1. Один взгляд президента компании заставлял сотрудников съеживаться от страха.

2. Она сухо сообщила о своем решении расстаться и попросила муж скорее дать ей развод.

3. Настоящий болельщик поддержит любимую команду в любой ситуации, не так ли?

4. На кону твое здоровье. Может быть, самое время бросить курить.

5. Когда страсти накалились, она выкрикнула, что больше не может терпеть его измен.

6. Очередная острота мальчика вывела учителя из терпения.

7. Его соперник был сильнее и выше, однако Пит не терял надежды на победу.

8. Она опять опоздала на свидание. Как всегда, в своем репертуаре.

9. Как только она услышала, что ее дочь попала в больницу, то опрометью бросилась туда.

10. Отец выбирал самое неудачное время для прочтения проповедей – за завтраком или обедом.

5. Put the sentences in the correct order:

1. Only one spectator still had his eyes on the penalty box. Yes, he was there.2. I'm sure Old Stony never listens to me anyway, so I’m not surprised that he didn’t react to my quiet little sarcasm.3. I walked slowly, casually, hoping she would catch sight of me, my bandages, my injuries in Toto, and be moved to slam down the receiver and rush to my arms.4. Maybe the blame wasn’t totally mine, but right then I felt like it was.5. She grabbed my sleeve and we started toward the door.6. “I was merely asking if law school had definitely decided on you.”7. I liked the way she enjoyed my athletic credentials.8. She was still obsessed with the fact that he had traveled so far for such a (relatively) trivial sports event.

6. Say whether the following sentences are true or false:

1. She answered matter-of-factly as she got into the bus: “My father. ”2. Who could Jenny be dancing to that was worth appropriating moments set aside for a date with me?3. “What’s wrong with the “upright things”?” she asked, delighting in the apparent paradox.4. “Maybe you’ll beat up somebody in the Yale game, huh?”5. Yes, there are planes between Boston and Ithaca, New York, but Oliver Barrett IV chose to walk.6. “I think the Peace Corps is a fine thing, don’t you?” he said.7. We ran the usual conversational gamut, which centers around Old Stony's favorite nontopic, his plans. 8. “You’ll probably want a steak,” said another unfamiliar voice.9. Jackie Felt hovered around the med room, telling the Cornell physician how I wasn’t eating right and that all this might have been averted had I been taking sufficient sugar and pepper pills.10. My oversight was in not remembering that five members of their team were Americans.

7. Answer the following questions:

1. Speak about the hockey match in Cornel.

2. Speak about the relations between Oliver Barrett III and Oliver Barrett IV.

3. Was Oliver Barrett III really interested in his son’s plans?

4. Speak about Jenny’s understanding of father-and-son relations.

5. Was there a cultural gap between Olli and Jenny?

6. Why did Jenny defend Oliver Barrett III?

7. Do you agree that when people trust each other they shouldn’t be jealous?

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